October 11, 2019

CRISPR gene editing can create cells immune to 

 Transplanted cells persist for 19 months in man with HIV – but don't appear to control HIV when treatment stops

 CRISPR gene editing was safe and moderately effective in introducing stem cells that lacked the CCR5 receptor and were immune to HIV infection after chemotherapy eradicated the immune system of a man with HIV and acute lymphocytic leukaemia, Chinese researchers report in The New England Journal of Medicine this week.

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4 September 2019

The Global AIDS Update 2012 

29 August 2019

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 28 August 2019

 Newly developed approach shows promise in silencing HIV infection

Researchers from The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston have discovered a new potential medication that works with an HIV-infected person's own body to further suppress the ever present but silent virus that available HIV treatments are unable to combat.

Although the potential new drug could complement the current HIV anti-retroviral therapy (ART) medications, it may also be possible that it could lead to HIV remission without a lifetime of taking ART medications. The findings are published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

The HIV virus gets integrated into the infected person's genetic coding and establishes a constant dormant infection, creating a big treatment challenge. Because of this, current ART medications fail to cure the virus and when someone stops the drug, the virus almost always begins to multiply and wreak havoc. Drug resistance is also a public health issue with the ART medications. Being able to induce a sustained HIV remission free of ART is an important goal for HIV treatment.

"We are the first to show that human BRD4 protein and its associated machinery can be harnessed to suppress dormant HIV," said senior author Haitao Hu, UTMB assistant professor in the department of microbiology and immunology. "Our findings are exciting because they not only improve our understanding of the biology of HIV epigenetic regulation, they also present a promising approach for the development of probes and/or therapeutic agents for HIV silencing, hopefully leading to cure of the virus eventually."

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 August 23, 2019



    ·        37.9 million [32.7 million–44.0 million] people globally were living with HIV.

·         23.3 million [20.5 million–24.3 million] people were accessing antiretroviral therapy.

·         1.7 million [1.4 million–2.3 million] people became newly infected with HIV.

·         770 000 [570 000–1.1 million] people died from AIDS-related illnesses.

·         74.9 million [58.3 million–98.1 million] people have become infected with HIV since the start of the epidemic.

·         32.0 million [23.6 million–43.8 million] people have died from AIDS-related illnesses since the start of the epidemic.

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 July 29, 2019

The staff of Adama ARC planted 400 seedlings  in their compound as part of Green Ethiopian Campaign on July 29. 2019.

 July 2, 2019


HIV Eliminated from the Genomes of Living Animals

 July 2, 2019 — Researchers have for the first time eliminated replication-competent HIV-1 DNA -- the virus responsible for AIDS -- from the genomes of living animals. The study marks a ... read more

 May 31, 2019

 The Adama ARC distributed condoms and IEC/BCC materials for four hotels. Totally, it was enabled to distribute 1300 IEC/BCC and 15, 264 condoms for 17 hotels and one military camp in last four months.

 April 30, 2019

 According to the Annual Plan of 2011 in E.C., the Adama ARC produced two IEC/BCC materials entitled as

 Maatiin Bu'uura Fayyaa Qabbeessuumaatti [ Brochure] 

 Akkaataa Itti Fayyadamiinsa Kondoommii [ Leaflet]

The two materials was prepared in Afaan Oromo and Amharic as well.

Several governmental and non governmental organizations have got these brochures and leaflets. 











 March 27, 2019

No matter who you are, this test is for you

Testing is an important step toward staying healthy

You can protect your health with three important steps:

1.      Get regular checkups.

2.      Get tested to make sure you don’t have any diseases that you don’t know about, like HIV.

3.      Follow your health care provider’s advice.

 For more information click    No matter who you are, this test is for you

March 26,2019

 The London patient: "A critical moment in the search for an HIV cure."

Experts are extremely hopeful after a second man, who has subsequently been dubbed the 'London patient', was 'functionally cured' of HIV after undergoing a stem cell transplant

The president of the International Aids Society on Tuesday hailed the news that a second person was reported to be HIV-free, after a stem cell transplant, as a critical moment in the search for an HIV cure for the disease.

For more Information   The London patient: "A critical moment in the search for an HIV cure."

 March 19. 2019 

The Adama ARC has distributed 9, 792 condoms and 800 IEC/BCC materials to 15 hotels and one military camp.

 March 5, 2010

500 IEC/BCC materials and 7776 condoms have been given to 10 hotels and pensions so far.

 February 22, 2019

The AARC distributed IEC/BCC materials and condoms to four more hotels. These hotels are located in kebele 06 , Adama

  • Mati Hotel
  • Achamelesh Hotel
  • Rimon Pension
  • West Wellega Hotel 

February 21, 2019

Today, the AARC has distributed some IEC/BCC materials and condoms to three more hotels in Adama.Terefe Pension, Sina Pension, and Imperial Hotel have been given these materials to put them in the bedrooms to be used by their respective customers.


 Providing Condoms to Terefe Pension

 IEC/BCC displayed at bedrooms of Terefe Pension.

 February 19/2019

The Public Service and Human Development Department of East Shewa gave training on the new public service reforms to the Adama AIDS Resource Center. The training was given  for two consecutive days in the AARC.



January 2019

The Adama AIDS Resource Center has distributed condoms and  IEC/BCC

materials to four hotels that are supposed to be where sexual practices have been taken

place frequently.

The four hotels are:

1.      Millennium Hotel, located near The New Bus Stations

2.     Oromia Hotel near the Addis Ababa Bus Station

3.     ALmaz Pension around the Addis Ababa Bus Station

4.     Kifle Selam Hotel is located in kebele 15 [ locally known for the places where bar ladies are doing business]

 This was undertaken from 21/05/2011 t0 22/05/2011








World AIDS Day 2018

In collaboration with Adama City Health Office and Trans Ethiopia, the Adama AIDS Resource Center undertook  World AIDS Day Campaign from 17/03/2011 to 22/03/2011 at Trans Ethiopia Compound in Adama, Ethiopia.

Having the current World AIDs Day theme “Know your status”, the AARC set three objectives

1.     To commemorate those citizens who lost their lives due to HIV/AIDS epidemic

2.     To Provide the Trans Ethiopia Community the required awareness on HIV/AIDS prevention

3.     To initiate the community to participate in the voluntary and counseling testing [VCT]

     Accordingly, the management of the Trans Ethiopia has done a great deal of job by preparing the event, and mobilizing their long distance drivers to take part on the campaign.  

Obbo Mahadi Yasin the head expert of HIV/AIDS prevention and Control in Adama City Health Office gave the audiences the desirable awareness on HIV/AIDS prevention. He also gave the answers to the questions raised from the participants.

Finally, the volunteered participants went through HIV Testing [VCT]. It was possible to screen the blood of individuals for their  HIV status.








 Experimental HIV vaccine shows promise in early trial

Scientists have created an experimental HIV vaccine that is able to neutralize HIV in animals.

 For more Information: click on ......Experimental HIV Vaccine Shows Promising Result

Psted August 7, 2018

90-90-90: An ambitious treatment target to help end the AIDS epidemic

 By 2020, 90% of all people living with HIV will know their HIV status. By 2020, 90% of all people with diagnosed HIV infection will receive sustained antiretroviral therapy. By 2020, 90% of all people receiving antiretroviral therapy will have viral suppression

Download 90–90–90 - An ambitious treatment target to help end the AIDS epidemic

Posted August 8, 2018

 The Adama AIDS Resource Center produced a new IES/BCC brochure on  on April 2018.

The below listed brochures were prepared on importance of abstinence.



The Adama AIDS Resource Center, in collaboration with Adama City Health Office undertake World AIDS Day campaign at East Shewa Prison from 28 November 2017 to 1 December 2017.

The main objectives of the campaign were:

  1. To commemorate those millions citizens who died due to HIV/AIDS, and show our solidarity with people living with HIV/AIDS.
  2. To give awareness on HIV/AIDS for prison inmates on the major risks of homo sexual practices in prison.
  3. To undertake VCT [Voluntary Counseling and Testing] for prisoners.

According to the Ethiopian Multi-sectored HIV/AIDs Response Strategy, all health facilities and organizations ought to work on MARPS [Most AT Risk Peoples] to bring the desirable behavioral change in combating and preventing HIV/AIDS epidemic. Prisons are one of those considered as MARPS.

Obbo Mehadi Yasin, the HIV/AIDS expert from Adama City Health Office gave the inmates HIV/AIDS awareness, particularly on the HIV/AIDs risks of home sexual practices. After question and answers sessions with the prisoners, the VCT program was begun, and a large number of inmates screened their blood for HIV test.


 the first brochur produced by Adama ARC on October 2017

Addis Abeba – October 06/2017 – Accurate data on the number of Ethiopians who have died of HIV/AIDS in the last three decades in Ethiopia are hard to come bay, but according to an estimate by the Federal HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Office (FHAPCO), there were on average 19,743 deaths every year, which left behind about 247,250 children orphaned.

Following its official discovery in 1984, HIV/AIDS has seen a rapid spread all over Ethiopia, putting the lives of millions at risk directly or indirectly. Owing to lack of awareness, similar trend is seen in many countries in Africa and Asia.

Like many of these countries, Ethiopia’s fight against HIV/AIDS is one of the few highly paid for projects by western donors, which includes the over US$2 billion contribution by the U.S. government through its program called ‘President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR)’, making it the ever largest donation coming to the country for HIV/AIDS purpose. Owing to similar coordinated efforts, the spread of the virus has seen a decline over the last two decades especially in urban areas.

The prevalence

The WHO data reveals that up until the end of 2016 more than 70 million people worldwide have been infected with HIV/AIDS of whom about 35 million have died of HIV/AIDS and related complications. Currently, Sub-Saharan African is home to about 36.7 million people living with the virus, making it the most affected in the world.

Data from FHAPCO indicates that there are over 718,550 people living with HIV in Ethiopia alone, a little over 1.18% of the population. According the globally accepted consensus, if the total number of HIV infected people in a given country exceeds the one per cent threshold of the population, that country is considered to be under category of ‘outbreak of the virus.’

The 2016 Ethiopian Demographic Health Survey (DHS) reveals that around 56% of the women and 55% of the men among the surveyed household have never been tested for HIV, an indication the the current number of HIV positives in the country could be a lot more had all the population been tested. And, despite the existence of the large number of people living with HIV/AIDS, only 72% of them are thought to be aware that they are living with the virus; the remaining 28% think they are not infected.

Dr. Achamyeleh Alebachew, Acting Director of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluating Directorate of FHAPCO, told Addis Standard that during the 90s and 2000s the number of HIV infected people was so high that among all the patients admitted to hospitals 1/3 to half tested positive for the virus.

Although the spread of the virus has seen a significant decrease Ethiopia could not able to join the top five African countries to approach to control the HIV epidemic until 2020. According to a recent statement from PEPFAR, Lesotho, Malawi, Swaziland, Zambia, and Zimbabwe are the top 5 African countries where HIV epidemic is coming under control. And as of late, optimism was replaced by talk of the resurgence of the virus, especially among urban population and among university students, throughout the country.



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