Condom Distribution

  • 2012 Condom Distribution Performance  Achievement



May 31, 2019


The Adama ARC has  distributed 15, 264 condoms so far. 


March19. 2019 

The Adama ARC has distributed 9, 792 condoms and 800 IEC/BCC materials to 15 hotels and one military camp.

March 5, 2010

500 IEC/BCC materials and 7776 condoms have been given to 10 hotels and pensions so far.

 February 22, 2019

The AARC distributed IEC/BCC materials and condoms to four more hotels. These hotels are located in kebele 06 , Adama


  • Mati Hotel
  • Achamelesh Hotel
  • Rimon Pension
  • West Wellega Hotel

February 21, 2019

Today, the AARC has distributed some IEC/BCC materials and condoms to three more hotels in Adama.

Terefe Pension, Sina Pension, and Imperial Hotel have been given these materials to put them in the bedrooms to be used by their respective customers.


 Providing Condoms to Terefe Pension

 IEC/BCC displayed at bedrooms of Terefe Pension.


January 2019

The Adama AIDS Resource Center has distributed    2304 condoms and 200 IEC/BCC

materials to four hotels that are supposed to be where sexual practices have been taken

place frequently.

The four hotels are:

1.      Millennium Hotel, located near The New Bus Stations

2.     Oromia Hotel near the Addis Ababa Bus Station

3.     ALmaz Pension around the Addis Ababa Bus Station

4.     Kifle Selam Hotel is located in kebele 15 [ locally known for the places where bar ladies are doing business]


This was undertaken from 21/05/2011 t0 22/05/2011





The Adama AIDS Resource Center has begun condom distribution targeting MARPS [ Most At Risk Peoples] and  general population as well since September 2017.

Condom distribution is indeed  one of the major components of Multi Sectoral HIV AIDS Response Strategic Plan in preventing  HIV transmission. 

Accordingly, the Adama ARC has so far enabled to distribute 3, 500 condom in the first quarter a little bib less than the planned. This is because the service has begun two month late of the first quarter, which means only a month and few days are used in distributing the quantity.

Sex workers, uniformed army, daily labors at some large factories,  track drivers, and out of school students are among the main parts of the community which are targeted for this particular purpose.

Hereby, the Adama ARC needs to notify any concerned individual or organization can access the our service through pour contact address. Thus, we can deliver condoms to the place you love in Adama and surrounding cities and rural regins as well. 



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