The counselling  care and support of people living with HIV and their relatives is our core offer. The goals of the work are directed to empower people with HIV to a life that is not restricted by the infection and to support the people in such a way that they become independent of the support services offered by us.

Qualified employee are available at our resource center for personal counselling with different topics.

Have I been infected with HIV? Especially after sexual contact, uncertainty can arise with regard to the relevant path way of infection and the reliability of the safer sex strategies.  We resolve with you in a personal, anonymous conversation, whether an infection risk was present and whether HIV test would be useful. Please do not hesitate to call us or arrange an appointment for consultation or an HIV test.

People with HIV face a challenge of living with the chronic disease. Life prospects have to be found again, livelihood must be secured and the illness integrated into the professional and private life. But also relative and friends must learn to deal with the HIV infection of a close person. We are happy to provide you with latest news and information.

So, call us we will be happy to arrange a meeting with you! or you can visit us during at any working hours from Monday to Friday.

Our Contact address is :

   elepone: 251-22-111-79-08


Fax:         251-22-111-79-07

Email:         This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Or in person our address is:   Ethiopia, Adama, Kebele 05

                                           Near Adama Kebele 05 Adminstrative Office

                                           Inside the Compound of Adama Youth Center 03


News and Events on HIV Counselling and Testing


The Adama AIDS Resource Center, in collaboration with Adama City Health Office undertake World AIDS Day campaign at East Shewa Prison from 28 November 2017 to 1 December 2017.

The main objectives of the campaign were:

  1. To commemorate those millions citizens who died due to HIV/AIDS, and show our solidarity with people living with HIV/AIDS.
  2. To give awareness on HIV/AIDS for prison inmates on the major risks of homo sexual practices in prison.
  3. To undertake VCT [Voluntary Counseling and Testing] for prisoners.

According to the Ethiopian Multi-sectored HIV/AIDs Response Strategy, all health facilities and organizations ought to work on MARPS [Most AT Risk Peoples] to bring the desirable behavioral change in combating and preventing HIV/AIDS epidemic. Prisons are one of those considered as MARPS.

Obbo Mehadi Yasin, the HIV/AIDS expert from Adama City Health Office gave the inmates HIV/AIDS awareness, particularly on the HIV/AIDs risks of home sexual practices. After question and answers sessions with the prisoners, the VCT program was begun, and a large number of inmates screened their blood for HIV test.





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